HRH Retail was pleased to support the Elifar Challenge for the 21st time this year, swapping the office for a rainy sports field in Sudbury Hill to raise money for a great cause.

Our valiant six-strong squad competed against 19 other teams from the world of retail property in a range of activities, some more traditional like volleyball, others a lot quirkier like the Human Hungry Hippo and balloon passing party games.


Showing off our remarkable knowledge of the British Isles, our best event was the ‘Pin Game’. This involved us sitting approximately 8 ft from a map and guessing the town on which the pin was placed. All our travelling from places as far flung as Hereford, Harrogate and Altrincham paid off and we made the podium! Overall, we were ‘mid-table’ on the day and some way behind the worthy winners, Capco.


By a poor stroke of luck, all the indoor activities took place in the morning, during the sunny period, with the opposite happening in the afternoon. But bad weather failed to dampen our spirits and it was worth taking part to raise money for the Elifar Foundation, helping disabled young people.